The Versatile Market Research Tool


Predicta's value is pretty obvious to us, but we realize some applications might not be immediately apparent. Here are some specific use cases for which we feel our product is best suited. Some may be more or less applicable depending on company size and and industry, but we believe there is something to offer everyone. Explore the versatility of Predicta in action.



Get to know your competitors

See the marketplace like you've never seen it before. Rank competitors by product attribute, and see how your products fare. Spot competitive disruptors early on by identifying market trends before anyone else.

Forensic analysis in a dynamic Market

Keep an eye on the highly volatile consumer environment. What are public influencers saying about your brand and brands like yours? Monitor changes in consumer perceptions to see how a competitor's campaign compares to your own campaigns.

Access to actionable data

Knowing the reactions of your consumers will give you the information you need to make smart business decisions. Gain a better understanding of the market to budget, expand, and execute with confidence.

From startup to Established – Make your mark

What are your strengths and weaknesses? How do they stack up against your direct competitors? Whether you're an established brand or an up-and-comer, identify the aspects of your products that make you stand out in the market.