Build, Benchmark, & Sustain a Competitive Brand

Mid market brands, such as those in the outdoor recreation industry, have large and passionate groups of consumers who are constantly generating digital content, through social media, blogs, forums, and product reviews.  There are entire communities that exist online to simply rate and review the best new gear on the market, so that other users can be sure they have the right gear for their next trip.

These conversations possess information that is invaluable to brands who manufacture and sell goods in these industries.  Predicta is able to collect, organize, and deliver insights from consumer-generated content  allowing brands to strategically develop products and marketing campaigns based on the real demands of the consumers in their market.

We created Predicta to change the game of consumer intelligence. Our platform empowers brands to make fact-driven business decisions, based upon continuous customer insights.

EXAMPLE: Binocular Brand

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 8.47.28 AM.png

A well-known binocular brand tracks trends over time using a suite of intrinsics that are revealed from quantifying what consumers are saying about the brand. Tracking trends can allow you to continually understand what consumers are actually feeling, thinking, and conveying — real time, so that you are able to actively monitor the effects of new product releases, marketing campaigns, or competitor activities.



Predicta delivers real consumer insights so you can make market-wise decisions.

Product/Brand/Category Manager: How might we begin to nullify our competitor’s strengths?

Are our consumers trending towards the new features our products have been delivering over the past year?

How might we focus our messaging and/or ad spend based on our real-time consumer attributes?

Which brand is dominating a leading consumer intrinsic? Have our efforts to brand our products as durable worked, or not?