Meet Predicta: applying artificial intelligence for detailed brand analysis and automated market intelligence.

Simply put, Predicta generates actionable insights by analyzing and interpreting online consumer conversations about your brand and competitors’ brands. Predicta accomplishes this automatically and continuously using advanced AI techniques. As the market changes, as consumer preferences shift, and as new products are released, Predicta generates automated SWOT analyses for brands and products over time — based on real customer reviews, professional reviews, blogs, forums, social media, and more — distilling them into intuitive and actionable data visualizations. These market insights provide a solution for business professionals across the entire organization, so that you can make more informed decisions.

Product Line & Brand Managers

Customer Insights

Analyze the Market

Understand your brand and competitors’ position in the market

Deepen situational awareness across the competitive landscape

Strategically search for true white space opportunities in new growth markets

Catch disruptive trends as early as possible

Develop Strategies

Determine real-time opportunities based on shifting consumer sentiments

Strategically create campaigns based on new market insights

Develop products to exploit white space opportunities

Track product line/brand success in new markets

Evaluate Effectiveness

Allocate marketing dollars based on which strategy and tactics truly work

Answer strategic business questions based on consumer acceptance

Benchmark against financial performance

Produce consumer insights to identify how the market is changing