Still Planning From Static Reports?

Every day, the world’s online information updates and recalibrates. To stay on top, leading brands need continuous consumer insights at their fingertips. 

That’s where Predicta comes in. We go beyond simple quantification and track the intrinsic attributes of a brand or product that reflect its consumer appeal. Social listening services can tell you the “what” of a basic trend. Predicta answers “why” a consumer trend is happening — and gives you the ability to react quickly and effectively when consumer thoughts change.

Predicta helps you save money, make smarter decisions, and augments costly market research efforts. Instantly diagram consumers’ thoughts and feelings across hundreds of intrinsic attributes that make up your brands and products, and answer critical questions including:

  • What makes your brand distinctive? 
  • How can you offset my competitor’s strengths and accentuate yours?
  • What do consumers think/feel about your brand’s strengths vs relative weaknesses? 
  • How can you engage your consumers in an ongoing dialogue?


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