Drive Your Business With Continual Consumer Data

The Consumer Packaged Goods market has an unmatched volume of consumer data that exists online.  The insights that Predicta is able to discover could be an invaluable asset for any CPG brand.  The intrinsics that Predicta's advanced AI engine uncovers can identify emerging trends before anyone else has the ability to do so.

You understand your consumers and the markets in which you operate, but, do you have a continuous picture of how your product's strengths and weaknesses are playing out against the field? Predicta’s platform uncovers opportunities that help consumer packaged goods manufacturers build and sustain competitive marketing campaigns.

We created Predicta to change the game of consumer intelligence. Our platform empowers brands to make fact-driven business decisions, from strategic to tactical, based upon continuous customer insights.

CPG EXAMPLE: Two Coffee Brands


Here, two well-known coffee brands are compared using intrinsic attributes. These intrinsic attributes are gleaned by quantifying what consumers around the world are saying about the two brands. It is easily to quickly understand these brand's strengths and weaknesses.




Predicta delivers real consumer insights so you can make market-wise decisions.

Product/Brand/Category Manager: How can we nullify our competitor’s strengths without costly and time-consuming market research projects? 

How can we benchmark weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals and successes across our brand and its product lines?

What lateral markets should our brand move into, given the instant SWOT analysis of the competitive landscape? 

How might we focus our messaging and/or ad spend based on our product’s real-time consumer attributes?