A Better Market Research Experience

When brand and product managers have questions about their consumers, they need answers now. Traditional market research methods - surveys, focus groups, social experiments - can offer a lot of answers, but they're not always the right ones. Research is always subject to biases, whether it appears in the questions or in the answers (or frequently both). It's difficult not to ask leading questions, and respondents tend to tell you what they think you want to hear. What's more, the data you collect is stagnant and quickly becomes irrelevant. Add to that a multi-month timeline and high costs, and you've got some unremarkable market data coming your way.

The best market research tools should provide automated market insights.

With the shift toward social listeners and similar online analytics, we're getting closer to that honest consumer feedback we've been looking for. Unfortunately, most social listeners focus primarily on a simple quantitative analysis of keywords through Boolean search. The issue here is that we choose our search terms based on what we already expect to find. Why are we only looking for market issues and trends that we're already aware of?

Predicta offers the missing piece to that equation. By feeding consumer generated content into our AI engine, the algorithm can identify words and phrases that have a relationship with a topic. These topics are typically a product feature or emotion that consumers have towards products, which can allow users to identify interesting new topics and benchmark against competitors.

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