Build, Benchmark, & Sustain a Competitive Brand

The Automotive industry is a complex and growing market. Predicta’s platform cuts through the complexity to uncover the customer voice. 

We created Predicta to change the game of consumer intelligence. Our platform empowers brands to make fact-driven business decisions, from strategic to tactical, based upon continuous customer insights.

EXAMPLE: Automotive Brands

Four well-known automotive brands are compared using a suite of intrinsic attributes that are revealed from quantifying what consumers around the world are saying about the brands. Intrinsic deep dives allow you to continually find what consumers are actually feeling, thinking, and conveying — over time, against any competitor.


Predicta answers questions for every level of the organization.

Product/Brand/Category Manager, LOB: How might we begin to nullify our competitor’s strengths? Are our consumers trending towards the new features our products have been delivering over the past year?

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)How might we focus our messaging and/or ad spend based on our real-time consumer attributes? How can we profit off our supercar line in other capacities? 

CEO, Group President, Analyst: Which brand is dominating a leading consumer intrinsic? Have our efforts to brand our products as sexy over time worked, or not?