Meet Predicta: applying artificial intelligence for detailed brand analysis, automated decision-making, and consumer/market intelligence.

Simply put, Predicta creates insights by analyzing and interpreting data and content about your brand that exists publicly on the internet - automatically and continuously. As the market changes, as consumer sentiment shifts, as new products are released, Predicta refines your "Brandscape" — based on real customer reviews, professional reviews, blog posts, social media posts, and much more - distilling them into intuitive and actionable dashboard(s).


Product/Brand Manager

Analyze your ad spend based on customer impact/sentiment

Identify specific products creating positive/negative motion in consumer perceptions

Reposition the brand based on messages that really resonate

Deepen situational awareness across the competitive landscape

Allocate marketing budget dollars based on what really works


C Suite

Answer strategic business questions specific to customer acceptance

Benchmark competitive products relative to yours

Understand product line/brand perception 

Position firm strategically in growth markets

Align M&A across hard and soft attributes, as determined by customers


Customer Insights

Legal / Consumer Insights

Identify liabilities and/or disruptive trends as early as possible

Dive deeper into consumer perceptions about brand and satisfaction

Produce consumer insight charts and graphs for easy information consumption

Spot real-time opportunities uniquely