Meet Predicta: applying artificial intelligence for detailed brand analysis, automated decision-making, and consumer/market intelligence.

Simply put, Predicta creates insights by analyzing and interpreting data and content about your brand that exists publicly on the internet - automatically and continuously. As the market changes, as consumer sentiment shifts, as new products are released, Predicta refines your "Brandscape" — based on real customer reviews, professional reviews, blog posts, social media posts, and much more - distilling them into intuitive and actionable dashboard(s).


Product/Brand Manager

Analyze your ad spend based on customer impact/sentiment

Identify specific products creating positive/negative motion in consumer perceptions

Reposition the brand based on messages that really resonate

Deepen situational awareness across the competitive landscape

Allocate marketing budget dollars based on what really works


C Suite

Answer strategic business questions specific to customer acceptance

Benchmark competitive products relative to yours

Understand product line/brand perception 

Position firm strategically in growth markets

Align M&A across hard and soft attributes, as determined by customers


Customer Insights

Legal / Consumer Insights

Identify liabilities and/or disruptive trends as early as possible

Dive deeper into consumer perceptions about brand and satisfaction

Produce consumer insight charts and graphs for easy information consumption

Spot real-time opportunities uniquely

Predicta unlocks the potential of unlimited consumer content. It's the key to complete visibility into every corner of your market. Our proprietary AI discovery engine uncovers information that is generated continuously by millions of sources across the internet. This data is then organized, categorized, analyzed, and beautifully visualized to help you better understand your products, market, and consumer - the product-consumer continuum.

See more - achieve more with Predicta as your guide.

Customer Success Story    |    Predicta Data Sheet

Predicta's cloud-based technology delivers continuous intelligence in highly intuitive, flexible, insightful, and actionable ways. Our platform enables advanced decision-making for every part of your brand — from products and their attributes to consumer comfort.

Visualize consumer’s feedback and discover what your place is in the competitive landscape. Continually measure, plot, and benchmark how your organization is succeeding and easily understand where your brand needs to focus to grow.

What’s more, do all that with respect to your competitors, too.

Wondering why a consumer trend is happening, how to react to competitive disruption, or if ad spend is working? Look to Predicta for the answers