Imagine a better way to better engage with your customers — a continual stream of relevant consumer sentiment data collected in one centralized, secure location and accessible anytime, anywhere. 

Meet Predicta: a new era of brand analysis, algorithmic decision-making, and consumer intelligence.

Simply put, Predicta creates insights by analyzing anything important found on the Internet. It provides scientific and impartial analysis, on an automatic and ongoing basis as the market changes.  Using cutting edge artificial intelligence, it creates a “Global Narrative” — everything ever found online about products, content and brands — and distills these insights into a dashboard of actionable reports. 




Align M&A across hard and soft attributes, as determined by customers

Sync up firm’s strategy, focus, future, mission, etc.,
as a function of being
market driven

Gain better SWOT understanding across the competitive landscape

Save budget dollars by automating market research



Position firm strategically relative to the industry

React to sudden disruption with intelligence

Know how each product line/brand is being perceived in the market

Determine whether overall corporate/brand ad spend is achieving desired results

Customer Insights

Consumer Insights

Dive deeper into consumer perceptions about brands/products.

Gain access to all data relevant to explore deeper insights

Have ultimate complexities to play with 

Produce display for non-digital native bosses

Identify problems as early as possible

Spot opportunities uniquely and display them with facility

Brand Manager

Brand Manager

Determine whether brand’s ad spend is achieving desired results

Reposition the brand based on topics that resonate with customers

Re-message the brand within the same over all market positioning

Identify which product is causing positive or negative movement in consumer perceptions across brand

Predicta unlocks the potential of unlimited consumer data. It's the key to complete visibility into every corner of your business. Our proprietary discovery engine uncovers data that is generated continuously by millions of sources across the internet. This data is then organized, categorized, and beautifully visualized to help you better understand your consumer.

Achieve more and provide the visibility your business needs with Predicta.

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Predicta's cloud technology delivers continuous intelligence in highly intuitive, flexible, insightful, and actionable ways. Our platform enables advanced decision-making for every part of your brand — from products and their attributes to consumer comfort.

Visualize consumer’s feedback and discover what your place is in the competitive landscape. Continually measure, plot, and benchmark how your organization is succeeding and easily understand where your brand needs to focus to grow.

Wondering why a consumer trend is happening, how to react to competitive disruption, or if ad spend is working? Look to Predicta for the answers